I love getting messages from customers, I’ve always thought that customer feedback and honest reviews are vital to the evolution of my designs. This is the best way that I know of for me to improve as a ski designer and builder. I received the email below from a customer today. It never fails to put a smile on my face when I get feedback like this.

I’m really happy with the skis that Vin/ WhiteRoom made for me. I hold my skis to a high standard in terms of performance and he definitely delivered the goods! Vin was really helpful in terms of selecting materials, cut, rocker and sidecut to get my desired performance characteristics.  The art selection and design process was super collaborative with a lot of back and forth. 
I’ve put the skis through their paces in varying conditions and they handle ice, firm, variable, packed powder, corduroy, windblown, moguls, powder and anything else you can throw at them. They’re responsive when I need to throw a quick turn but steady at high speeds too. I skied yesterday with the family at Kissing Bridge. A legitimate powder day with 12 inches + of new.  The float on these skis was awesome. They allowed me to float and carve while taking super aggressive lines through the bumps and skied off snow. Vin listened to my feedback and gave the ski I wanted! If you’ve ever thought about getting a custom set made I strongly recommend WhiteRoom!

A little bit about this set: 175cm 130/100/118. 30 cm rocker tip, 5 mm of camber, slight tail flare and a skin notch. 4lbs 8oz per ski before the base grind. Medium flex.

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