At WhiteRoom we stand behind our product. Our ski warranty protects you against defective materials or workmanship for a period of one year from the original date of purchase from WhiteRoom or an authorized WhiteRoom dealer.

What is covered?  Structural cracks to the topsheet, base, core, edge, and sidewall due to a manufacturing defect(s) are covered by our warranty.  Delamination of the topsheet, base, sidewall, edge, tip, and tail due to a manufacturing defect are covered by our warranty.

What is not covered?  Any problem resulting from impact, misuse, abuse, accident, or neglect is not covered by our warranty.  This includes, but is not limited to, damages caused by impact with rocks, stumps, dumpsters, parking lots, rails, ski-to-ski contact, or any other contact with a surface besides snow.  Cosmetic issues including topsheet scratches, dents or chips resulting from crossing your skis, sun-faded topsheet, and edge oxidation or rust are not covered by this warranty.  Ski damage resulting from improper mounting of bindings, including the use of incorrect mounting hardware, incorrect drilling of mount/screw holes, and base dimples in the base resulting from improper mounting are not covered by this warranty.  Damage caused by the use of solvents or adhesives is not covered by this warranty.  Damage caused by improper adjustment of the bindings, including binding mountings pulling out of the ski due to excessive DIN setting are not covered by this warranty.  Damage caused by any modifications made outside of our facility is not covered by this warranty.

 What WhiteRoom Skis will do:

If the problem to be judged by WhiteRoom Skis is due to a factory defect, then we will repair or replace (with an identical or reasonably equivalent product) the product; or we may elect to refund the purchase price (less reasonable depreciation based on actual use) if we cannot readily and quickly repair the ski or provide a replacement.  WhiteRoom will return the repaired or replacement product at our expense, but if we determine that there is no defect or that the defect resulted from causes not within the scope of this warranty, storage and or return of the product will be at the customer’s expense.  WhiteRoom makes the final determination concerning defects in materials and workmanship.