Upslope Review

I got a nice review of the WhiteRoom Skis Upslope model from, Shaun, a ripping local Smuggs skier who took them for a 2 day demo recently.

Shaun’s review

Late spring I had the opportunity to ski the WhiteRoom UpSlope with Marker Kingpin demo binding. First day conditions were variable; spring corn, mashed with clumps of mank and the eastern ice we always ski from months of snowmaking. The UpSlope was a champion. I felt completely confident in all of these variable conditions. I decided to push the boundaries of what I thought the ski might be capable of and discovered the UpSlope might be a GS ski in disguise! This ski rips!

Day 2 I was able to skin up about 1600 vertical feet. The ski skinned nicely and I discovered that full days in the backcountry would be welcome. Second day conditions were similar to the first and again, the ski delivered. Overall impressions are the ski is a quiver of one. My sense is this is a ski meant to be stood on. A nice centered stance will produce terrific results. Vin, you’re going to have to make me one!


About the UpSlope

The UpSlope is a 179 cm ski with dimensions of 137/105/122 mm. It features a 30 cm rocker-reverse sidecut tip, 5 mm of camber and sidecut in the running length, as well as a 6 mm tail flare with the addition of a skin notch in the tail. The ski weighs in at 4lbs 7 oz. per ski/ 8 lbs 14 oz for the pair. It has a nice feeling, moderately stiff flex. I designed this ski for both BC and inbounds use with a slightly lighter core but with dense hardwood under the bindings where it counts. You can read my initial review about the UpSlope here.


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