Several months ago I received an order for a pair of skis not knowing how important these skis would become for their intended owner. Please read his email below about the story behind this pair of skis. I could not be happier to be a part of this story and I can’t wait to hand these off and maybe ski with their owner someday.

The story of these skis begins and ends with a little girl named Chantelly that changed my outlook on the world. My wife and I decided to become foster parents after we were unable to conceive. She came to us at 7 weeks old and stayed with us for the next 3-1/2 years. While watching first steps and hearing first words were truly amazing nothing touched me deeper than her love for snow and skiing. Daddy’s little girl! One of my favorite memories was the big day of graduating to the bunny slope to make a “real run”. Holding her from behind and not being able to see her face I was uncertain how she was feeling until she yelled “faster daddy”. Although we share no DNA the child is clearly mine right… ( I still smile every time I tell it)

So after 3-1/2 years the state decided to reunite her with her biological grandmother as mom was not fit. Not going to lie it was heart wrenching. Hardest thing I think that can ever be asked of me was to walk her out of our home carrying a basket of her toys.

So being a typical male and not knowing how to deal with my emotions I turned to skiing as an outlet. Because it was a bond I shared with Chantelly I decided to work with Vin to create a pair of tribute skis to channel my focus toward something positive.

I truly cannot say how grateful I am to a man whom I have never met in person. Being a father himself he understood the importance of what I was trying to do. Truthfully it isn’t about the skis, but instead the healing process.

I had some ideas of imagery I wanted on the ski and he respected and improved upon all of them. If you are hesitant about building a pair of skis don’t be. You could not ask for a nicer or more talented person to work with!

We all have stories to tell, and I suggest you experience the joy of the process in creating your own story like I have, and let Vin tell it on a usable piece of artwork. Something that will bring a smile to your face every time you use them. What better way to honor someone than with a smile. I guarantee you cannot regret the decision.

So to explain the imagery:
_MG_2604 -The snowflake comes from a 90+ day when I picked Chantelly up from preschool and she took one look at me and said, “daddy snow”- this child understands me deeply
– the monkey is a likeness of her stuffed animal/security blanket
– her date of birth
– “faster daddy”- from my favorite moment with her
-“Telemundo”- is one of my nick names for Chantelly as she is of Hispanic ethnicity
– “TD” my initials- which over the years have taken on many meanings perceptively on par with my maturity level, but this time it simply stands for “Tele’s Dadddy” which I will be no matter where she is.

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