Every ski starts off with only the best materials from the snow up. 

Base Material

We use Crown Plastics 4001 Durasurf sintered base material. Sintered base material is more durable than extruded materials, accepts and holds wax better and has better glide properties than extruded base materials. Base inlays are available and are a great way to personalize you skis.


Every pair gets hardened steel edges that are bent by hand to perfectly match your base.

Composite layers

We use several types of composites in our layups. Most often we use 22 or 19 oz triaxial fiberglass. We also use 12K carbon fiber tow and a special unidirectional carbon fiber which also includes a special backing that reduces some of the vibration carbon can be known for. Other more exotic composites such as Vector Net and aramid veil are also available for special order.



Epoxy Resin

WhiteRoom uses a green epoxy to laminate all of the materials into a ski this epoxy is specifically designed for the compression mold process of skis.


VDS Rubber

We use multiple layers of this special material to improve bonding by reducing the shear forces between the various materials in your ski. This material also reduces vibration and gives the ski a quieter ride. 

Wood Cores 

Every pair of WhiteRooms has a wood core at its heart. We have several core recipes that we use to customize the type of ski the performance characteristics we are looking for. To do this we use a variety of woods in our cores. White ash is known for its straight grain, resistance to shock and liveliness, this is one our favorite woods to use in our cores and makes up most of the backbone of our cores. On occasion we use hard maple to enhance screw retention and to provide a damp stable feel. Yellow poplar is mixed in and is used to lighten the overall core blank.  Paulownia is a very light yet strong species of wood. We use this to lighten the finished weight of the ski. It’s a great choice for touring skis or for the lighter skier.

P-tex sidewalls

Also known as ultra high molecular weight poly-ethylene or UHMWPE, this is the most durable sidewall material on the market.

Finished sidewall profile
Finished sidewall profile


Top sheets

WhiteRoom uses distinctive wood veneers to create one of a kind works of art for your skis. We use  CNC laser, CNC dragknife, hand cutting techniques to create these special pieces of art . Every pair is finished off with a clear nylon top sheet over the wood veneer graphics to protect your ski from scapes and chips.

Polar bear close up