Ski Cores

WhiteRoom ski cores are built by hand and designed specifically for each ski. Approximately 90% of the wood used in each core is sourced from a local supplier here in Vermont. We use hard maple for its strength and  elasticity as well as to enhance binding screw retention.  Ash is known to be very strong and highly resistant to shock. This makes it a great choice for the backbone of the core and to back our UHMW sidewalls. Yellow birch is also known to be strong, hard and for its high shock resistance. Poplar is a straight-grained, lightweight yet flexible hardwood. We use poplar to decrease core weight and for its easy shaping characteristics. There are two types of core designs that we typically use.

Traditional Ski Cores

These are our go-to cores. They are made from full length hardwood stringers. Hardwoods include a white ash center stringer, hard maple mounting stringers, yellow birch intermediate stringers and poplar lateral stringers. The UHMWPE sidewall is backed by an ash perimeter stringer.


traditional core with sidewalls attached
traditional core with sidewalls attached

Hybrid Cores

Hybrids a lighter weight designs to help reduce the overall weight of a ski for those weight-minded skiers who intend to use their skis for alpine touring. The hybrid core is centered around a mounting zone of hard maple and ash. This mounting zone is then finger-joined to poplar to create the rest of the core structure. The result is a lighter weight core that still feels beefy underfoot. The weight reduction is in the range of  approximately 4 to 6 ounces  per ski. This makes it a nice choice for lighter weight skiers or for a ski that is intended to be used for touring and backcountry purposes.

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